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Production/Manufacturing Manager – Calgary, AB

by Executive Solutions  |  02.06.20 | 10:56

Production/Manufacturing Manager

Our client, a local family run business, has Calgary roots that go back 50 years! With a belief in, and commitment to, providing exceptional customer satisfaction they have grown from a small company of under a dozen staff to a leader in their industry with a large facility located in NE Calgary. Their commitment to high standards, keeping up to speed on cutting edge technologies and their core values of integrity, equity and teamwork have been the ingredients to the recipe for success.

Due to the success and growth they are experiencing it’s time for some new blood to join them in their pursuit of excellence. As the Production/Manufacturing Manager you will be rewarded with a great team of long-term dedicated staff, a culture of family and inclusiveness and the satisfaction of knowing you are working with an industry leader!

What you will bring to the role will include:

  • Strong People Skills – you understand how to read your staff and you adapt to meet the needs of each individual.
  • Excellent Character and Integrity – you take pride in your reputation and in doing what’s right.
  • Experience – a MINIMUM of 7 years in a similar role; we are looking for a LEADER who can hit the ground running.
  • Strategic/Critical thinking – you are the person who always comes up with the successful out of the box ideas; building and implementing new policies and procedures that positively impact the team and the company.
  • Positive Mindset – you are a “glass half full” person. Your bad days are few and far between, and you find a way to promote and encourage those around you.
  • Lean Manufacturing Guru – you have a reputation for turning processes around and create success where others have failed.
  • High Mechanical Aptitude – you are known as “Mr or Mrs Fix-it”.
  • Hands-on Approach to Work – you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, no job is beneath you and you enjoy being on the floor with the crew.
  • Dedication – you believe in the company you work for and your mission is to ensure they are seen in a positive light.
  • Continuous Improvement – you are an active participant in brainstorming ideas to make the company excel.
  • Solutions Driven – you take initiative in your approach to making things better.
  • Team Player – your background in playing team sports is the basis of your approach to working with your own team and including other departments with the goal of success/winning!
  • Positive attitude – you are known for bringing a ray of sunshine to your work; you can always see the upside of the situation and won’t get dragged down.
  • Belief in Self-Improvement – not only for your self but for those around you. You promote continuous education and cross-training as part of your teams yearly goals.
  • Succession Planning – you KNOW it’s critical to an employee’s success as well as a company’s to build leaders and to build people’s skills; you take pride in your team excelling and moving through the ranks.
  • Relationship building – not only with vendors, but with internal and external customers. You’re the person everyone wants to talk to, because you are engaging, charismatic and caring.

Here’s what you’ll be tasked with:

  • Provide positive and effective leadership to the production staff.
  • Create big picture planning for the production department.
  • Set goals, create action plans to achieve company goals for the production.
  • Ensure each department’s goals are attained; lead with accountability and responsibility if they aren’t.
  • Determine and monitor KPIs, including tracking labour& material waste.
  • Ensure all departments are layout to achieve production efficiency
  • Create training programs to develop staff.
  • Create SOP for all departments.
  • Ensure SOP are being followed
  • Create strong teams, with the ultimate goal of high performance, succession planning and cross-training.
  • Ensure quality of all production processes meet customer quality standards.
  • Promote Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.
  • Monitoring shift output to ensure the schedule is met.
  • Understand and monitor labour costs and hours.
  • Understand machine processes, systems, and quality standards, and communicate these across the company so the entire team is on the same page.

If you meet the criteria set out above, live in the Calgary area and are legally eligible to work in Canada without sponsorship please forward your resume:

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