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Flexibility and Variety

Find work that suits your talents and your life. 

Temp or contract positions can allow you to master your capabilities and learn new skills while exploring different companies and industries.

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A Test Drive – for both you and your employer

The right fit.

… of skills, corporate culture, and people – is important to us all. 

Jumping into an interesting role WITH the potential of it becoming long-term is definitely a win, win, win.


Prepare for Career Growth

We take extraordinary steps to ensure that businesses and the individuals within them are set up for great success.

When we recommend you for a role, we do so because we see a real fit on all levels…a fit that will allow both you and your employer to thrive!

“Executive Solutions has been very successful in placing temporary and permanent staffing in my company – all because they take the extra effort to understand the needs of both the client/employer and the candidate, resulting in successful placements. For these reasons, I am a strong supporter of Executive Solutions.”


O&G Human Recourses Client


“I have known Susan and her staff for over 10 years, and have had the privileged of being placed in satisfying and challenging roles. They recognized my skillset and experience, and as a result, provided me with opportunities.”



Senior Engineering Candidate





We are a Calgary based company that services businesses across N. America.


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